Enterprise Edition

Designed for transportation companies where ticketing is a major source of revenue, our enterprise edition provides the most complete ticketing environment in the business. Built with a custom front end website and including a full-function APP, no one does ticketing like this.

Custom Website

Point and click your way to a beautiful landing page that gives passengers the ability to book your trip or line run. No coding, no third-party tools or companies, just a quick and useful tool. Add more trips or increase inventory? Any changes you make instantly update on your sales page for easy and clear booking by the public.

Passenger Managed Tickets

With the click of a button, you can give your passengers the power to reschedule or cancel their tickets online and with or without a fee to do so. Not only do you open a new profit center, but you reduce customer interactions while increasing their satisfaction. Set perimeters and limits and watch as you reduce calls and questions, and passengers are happier for it!

Auto Route Generation

If you sell tickets from point to point but need the ability to have routes generated automatically or semi-automatically - we have the only solution on the market today. Including business rules that ensure that routing delivers a good customer experience as well as manages the operational realities of this level of service.

Compatible Hardware**

Need a POS machine for your front desk? Need a Kiosk for your lobby? Want to put the power of tap to pay curbside? We have a stable of proven hardware that can be integrated with your account to make everything from ticket purchases to checking in passengers easy and quick.

Tixool Works Perfectly on All Devices

Tixool was created with a Mobile First Architecture. The world functions through smart devices. We will design your ticketing solution to be compatible with all smartphones and tablets, ensuring that your customers can access you wherever they may be.

Is Tixool Enterprise right for your business? Find out now!

And So Much More...

Passenger Communication

Bus Tracking

Real-Time Reporting

Effortless Schedule Changes

Custom APP Included

Dynamic & Tiered Pricing

Infotainment Integration*

Easy Inventory Control

Simple Ticketing Validation

Easy To Use Driver Paperwork

Concierge Level Support

Driver Checkin App

Is Tixool Enterprise right for your business? Find out now!

Enterprise Pricing

Complicated line run operations need simple solutions that make managing their business easy and profitable. We are here to deliver just that. Prices are based on our ability to understand your needs and craft a custom solution. Contracts include a per ticket fee for ongoing support and development. Ticket volume will determine if/when an upfront fee is needed for initial development. To be contacted about a ticketing needs evaluation, click the button below information.

*requires additional services **available but not included